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Why Community Service

Community service is the very core of scouting. A scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind. These are the first items of the scout oath and Boy Scouts of America want them to be seen publicy as they develop integrity in the boys and promote service to others.

The scouts of Troop 217 are dedicated to these principles. They perform service whenever they see opportunity. Some examples are picking fruit for the Gleeners, marking hiking trails for a wildlife preserve, assisting with the care of abused and neglected animals.

The BSA slogan is "Do a Good Turn Daily." When boys are interviewed by adult leaders one of the first questions asked is "What was your good turn today?" Cleaning a room or taking trash out are incorrect answers. Our scouts are educated that a good turn, or service to others, is an individual act not expected of them or asked of them by their parents or leaders. A good turn is something they do without being asked that serves another.

Recent Troop Service
  • Fruit Picking for Gleaners
  • Marked and Repaired Trails at Windwolves Preserve
  • Assisted SPCA with Rescued Animals
  • Food Drive for Homeless
  • Serve Coffee and Donuts for St. Phillips Church
  • Trunk or Treat Carmel Apple Bobb
  • Placing Flags on Gravestones of Veterans




Eagle Projects

The highest rank a scout can attain is that of Eagle. To earn the rank of Eagle the scout must perform a project that is again service oriented. The boys will utilize the leadership skills they have learned, put to action the planning skills they have developed and perform a project utilizing their fellow scouts that serves the community. Below are some of the projects that have been performed by Eagle Scouts at Troop 217.

  • Building and Repair of dog runs at Alpha Canine Sanctuary
  • Landscaping and repair of facilities at the Bakersfield Womens Shelter.
  • Repair and repainting of ministry storage facilities for a local church.
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