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Troop Funds

Troop 217 supports itself through community focused fundraising programs such as our Pumpkin Harvest, Spaghetti Dinner, Garage Sales, Discount Card Sales and promotion nights with local restaraunts. Funds frome these promotions go to support training of boy and adult leaders, pay for badges and supply Troop 217 with the needed gear to operate, such as camp stoves and lanterns, etc...

Scout Accounts

Each boy in Troop 217 has his own Scout Account. This account is filled with earnings made by the boys based upon their participation in fundraising activities like our Pancake Breakfasts and Annual Popcorn Sale. 100% of the money from these fundraisers goes to the boys accounts. These accounts are used by the boys to pay their way to Scout Camp during the summer and as they grow in their Scout experience they may use the money to help fund their Eagle Scout Project. This money is not used for bubble gum or nonsense. The boys may also use it to purchase camping gear or other needed items to further their Scout Career.

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